Chickens are not laying eggs...

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by Akpahsj, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Hmmph. I guess its kind of karma since we used to get 3 eggs a day from 3 chickens, while my Aunt got maybe a dozen a day from 35, and we kind if bragged about it. Now they are not laying at all.

    So, we have them in with 2 ducks and a goose, which may be the problem. But they have been in with them ever since we got them, which was in late August. Also, they are going through there molt, since I can still see little shoots coming in. But they haven't been laying since December, and thats a pretty long molt! We thought at first it must be because of the cold, but its not cold anymore, so can't be...

    I started giving them laying mash about 3 days ago, but no eggs yet. I And ya, we are going to get rid of the ducks because they eat too much, and don't provide us with anything really. It was a good run though.

    Any tips on what I should do?
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    How old are your chickens? Could be that they've stopped laying because they're too old. Ours only laid for two years. They are sex-links.

    I've heard of molts lasting for 4-5 montsh. This seems to be a pretty common thing. Molting time periods can depend on the bird.
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    Your fairly far north, so they may have stopped for the winter, not because it's cold, but because there is not enough daylight to stimulate laying.
    It is usually recommended that they get 14 hours a day of light, either sunlight or or artificial light to supplement the daylight; for optimal laying.
    Are you adding light? If not they should start laying soon; as the days lengthen and they finish the molt.


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