Chickens are randomly dying?


6 Years
Sep 5, 2013
The other day i had a chicken randomly die? no marks or anything. we were deff. sad when we burried her but continued strong with the remaining 7. 5 days later (today) another chicken died randomly. she was having a hard time eating and drinking and had a crust on her eyes. seemed tired as well. i dont completely know about the first chicken because i was in school. what is the problem> we bought a young rooster about 3 weeks ago and slowly moved him in . he isnt the problem right? is it a desease or virus? WHAT DO I DOOO!!!???
3 days ago, I went to let the girls out. One of the leghorns had dropped dead in the middle of the night into the poopboard. I come home from work today to find a barred rock sitting on the stoop to the coop looking like she was sunning herself...but was actually dead. 2 birds...72 hours. No marks, no nothing. I'm at a loss too.
Well the one that died first was just starting to lay for about 3 weeks. An egg a day if not every other day. and the other was not quite yet.
all the research says the egg binding happens to very young and old chicks. its the only thing ive foubd to explain sudden death. symptoms are not eating or drinking, labored breathing, straining, tail down and wont fight you to pick her up. also if she lays an internal egg or the egg that is bound breaks inside her. that can kill her in 24 hours. of course it could be something else, you never know. its kinds morbid but if another one passes away you can press on her hind area and if she was egg bound the egg will drop right out. mine dropped 4 out. makes you wish you became a vet!
You said the dead hen had a crust on her eyes. That may be a sign of respiratory disease. Other sings are swollen face and eyes, thick nasal discharge, rattles or wheezes, sneeze or cough, being tired laying around, and poor appetite. The rooster you brought into your flock may have been a carrier of a disease, but did not show symptoms. You could also be dealing with coccidiosis with frequent deaths, lethargic chickens, poor appetite, and diarrhea (sometimes bloody, but not always.) The crusty eyes might have been something else, or she could have had both. You could treat with Corid liquid 2 teaspoonful per gallon of water for 5 days in case of cocci, or treat a respiratory infection with an antibiotic such as Tylan, Erythromycin, Spectinomycin, or Duramycin 10. Be sure to check you chickens for lice and mites since these can also kill chickens

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