chickens attacking rooster

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Mar 29, 2017
We have a good size polish rooster with chickens of various kinds ; sex links, Delawares, etc. They have been attacking him since he's young (they were all brought up together) and he has no tail feathers, blood on his backside and a bloody top of head. He seems to be mating fine, eating well and crowing all the time. Should I get rid of him and in the meantime can I use Blu Cote on his injuries or will that make them go after him more? I never really see them attacking him but I do see him mating a lot. I have 11 chickens and 1 rooster.
Absolutely separate him immediately because they will continue to peck his wounds. Chickens are just jerks like that. I would clean the blood gently and as well as you can and apply an antibiotic cream without painkiller in it.
As far as getting rid of him, that’s up to you. Usually a flock of chickens love their rooster.
Separate! Blu Cote will help with preventing pecking until injuries heal up - chickens like to peck at injuries so that will make things much worse. Sometimes roosters are too gentle for some hens and it can end poorly in the long run. You can try to reintroduce him once he is fixed up, but if they continue to do the same then you will probably need to replace him with a rooster that can hold his own with your hens.
The reality is that Polish in a mixed flock frequently become targets. I would try separating him until his crest and tail are regrown and hard feathered - not pin feathers. Then try adding him back to the flock, but be prepared for more feather plucking.

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