chickens behavior


8 Years
Mar 9, 2011
Greetings! i recently started raising chickens in my backyard. i have 3 very sweet girls. 2 are laying. 1 has stopped laying. the one that has stopped laying is very lethargic.
her comb has turned from bright red to almost pink. she is still eating. she is just not herself. she always comes when i call her, but i had to pick her up and put her back in the coop last night. i immediately thought, she is starting to molt. she has lost a few feathers, but nothing like what is described in my "raising chickens for dummies" book.
any insight? should i take her to my vet?
Hiya and
try posting it in the emergencies/diseases section and hopefully you will get more response. I hope she gets better soon
Welcome to BYC. Could be molt, they usually stop laying when they molt. Visually inspect her for lice/mites, especially around her vent. Check her poop for worms.

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