Chickens being attacked in CT??

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    I have a question if anyone knows for a fact what the law says in regards to the following matter. Here is an example:
    Lets say you have chickens that are on your property and your neighbors dog gets "away" and enters onto you property and attacks and or kills your chicken. Keep in mind this is all during the act of it while it is occurring.

    Question #1 Are you able to defend your chicken or flock by whatever means necessary including lethal force?
    Question #2 What about if you have other kinds of animals let's say goats, sheep, whatever else that is your pet, smallstock (chickens,ducks,rabbits) and or livestock (goats,sheep,cows). Does the law change depending on what is being attacked?

    I know what I would likely do but that is not the question. I would like to know what the law says you can do.
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    Dec 26, 2018
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    I found this on the website. Apparently you can deal with nuisance wildlife that is causing property damage outside of regular hunting/trapping season.
    Attacks on livestock by nuisance dog must be reported to animal control.
    Any owner or the agent of any owner of any domestic animal or poultry, or the Chief Animal Control Officer or any animal control officer or any municipal animal control officer, regional animal control officer or any police officer or state policeman, may kill any dog which he observes pursuing or worrying any such domestic animal or poultry.
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