Chickens better from Duramycin. New problem!

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    May 7, 2009
    Thanks to all of you that have helped in the past.
    Everyone is getting better from their respiratory problem and today is day seven on the Duramycin. I am also using the Oxine as a mist in the coop for them and also against any lingering virus bugs. Will continue to do so from now on, I guess.
    I have checked the coop and it seems fine. Has ventilation, etc. Has double doors in the front and usually I leave one open, but will probably cut a small "chicken door" in one of them because it is getting too cold.
    I have noticed continuous postings for URI and nasal discharge and sneezing on BYC. It seems like this is VERY prevalent and almost everyone has it at one time or another! Once the bird recovers, can you vaccinate? Stress with my guys seems to produce this problem. 11 of my hens were from hatcheries. Both my roosters and all my other hens were from outside purchases. All quarantined.
    BUT.............still have this problem. I am considering getiing rid of one of the roosters. A golden cuckoo Marans, but cannot ethically do so if he is going to be a carrier. My other golden is small, with a crippled foot and is not as aggressive. Roostie is not too bad with aggression and I have good talk with him every day when I go in the coop. So, we shall see!
    My new problem is an injured hen. Americauna/cuckoo marans cross. Went into the coop the other day and she was laying in the corner in a heap. Thought she had gone south with the respiratory thing, but had not shown any symptoms whatsoever. Tried to pick her up and make her stand, but she just flopped down in a heap. Got the Oxine and really misted the daylights out of her!! The other hens started to peck at her as I was putting them up for the night, so decided to put her in a quarantine cage in the garage. Checked her at midnight, she was sleeping comfortably (sound like a doctor). 3:00 AM she was awake and looked better! Later on I finally noticed that her left wing was injured, in the way she was using it, and she could not stand on her left foot AT ALL. I checked her over and cannot really see anything broken. Cannot tell about the toes, though. Her leg has a gash and her foot is swollen 2 to 3 times its size with a large blood bubble in between the last two toes. The toes are floppy, but it must hurt like the dickens, so I kind of left her alone after that. The foot is warm, so she is getting circulation. Have given her aspirin water and did rub bag balm on the sollen ball of the foot. She is good this morning. Eating, drinking and pooping normal. I think there may have been a ruckus in the coop and she slammed herself against a wall. Don't know how she got the gash on her leg, though. nothing sharp in the coop.
    Any advice you can offer?
    Now I will be in the same situation of re-introducing her into the flock and stresssing everyone out and them all getting a URI again! I have read that it can be at least 8 weeks for a sprain to heal. ARRGGHHH!!!
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    Jun 24, 2009
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    I'm new to chicken-keeping and haven't faced illness yet. I'm encouraged by reading your post because often people don't report success with treating their sick birds. So, congratulations! [​IMG] About the gash on the foot, you're doing the right thing according to everything I've read, because chickens will pick at/on wounded birds. BUT, it sounds like your girl will recover and maybe there won't be the stress levels of re-introduction that you're fearful of. The last time you weren't misting, etc. so they all got sick quickly. This time you'll be on top of it! Good luck.
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    A sick bird can easily injure herself and though it is going to be a pain, she will have to remain apart, especially because the others may start to peck. I've been thinking about building a hospital cage into my coop instead of using a dog cage. But not for contagious things, I've had a couple of birds bang up a leg and it's easier to have them with the others as they heal...

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