chickens crowding on roost -- what to do?

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    Mar 15, 2010
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    I have 8 chickens that are 3 mos. old. They all appear healthy.

    In the coop, where the roost area is located is surrounded by three walls. On two walls, there are windows covered by hardware cloth. The third wall is solid.

    The chickens have lots of room to roost -- there are two boards five feet long for eight chickens. However, these goofy birds insist on clumping together, with some of them literally on top of each other. They tend to clump up near the solid wall on one roost. Even though they seem to want to get away from the windows, they get on the perch closest to the back window.

    Do you think that they are afraid to be near the windows?

    Is this really a problem?

    If so, what should I do? (If it is the windows, I can cover them, and I will do that when it gets cold. However, right now it is HOT, even at night?)

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    Mine do the same thing, or rather part of them do. The roo likes it in front of the window. It is hot here too. Can't figure them out part of the time. Some of mine sleep piled up too. I guess they like to snuggle. Gloria Jean
  3. They will drive you nuts if you let them. I listen to my mother complain about my brother's chickens all the time. She lifts several of the birds up to the roost so they'll settle down quicker. The Dominique roo has a favorite hen. Anybody else tries to perch next to him, he pecks them until they leave (or Mom interveens).

    If your 8 chickens are all about the same size, I wouldn't worry. If you think covering the window would help, perhaps you could try a piece of cloth? Maybe cover ONE window and see if that changes their behavior?

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