chickens dont go in at night nervous on automatic door bad habits forming

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    my chickens when young used to go in at night to the coop perfectlyand stay in but now they've grown and ive added to the flock now 8 total and they often wander around it at night or go in and out to the pen if I don't shut the door I wonder if the coop is too small

    I now have bought a 7x7 shed im building to convert for the 8 hens to give more space with a run it will have an 8x8 pen big enough?

    I want to get an automatic door so they can free range in yard but I am afraid with their new bad habit of not going in and staying in at least in the old coop which is smaller that they will be locked out has any one experienced this the old coop is small but is big enough for them to roost 4 are pullets and 4 are full grown any advice on this and the auto door locking them out or will a larger coop keep them in 7x7 thanks
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    Welcome to BYC!

    7x7 should be fine for 8 birds....once they get used to living together.
    Adding birds can cause upheaval that takes time (weeks to months) to settle down.

    Give them time (see above) to get used to new coop....then add autodoor, and give them time to get used to that.
    Chicken don't much like change, you have to be observant and patient.

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