Chickens driving me nuts....

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11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Malta, OH
we are going to do some butchering next weekend ( we did 13 this weekend).

I have for sure 6 roosters that are going to be going to freezer camp. I for the life of me can not figure out who else is a rooster or who is just a hen with a big comb. I am driving myself nuts staring at them for hours upon hours trying to figure it out.

There is two main roosters who I am guessing are the top dogs. They were very very easy to pick out... The rest... Not so much.

Short of sitting in the coop all darn day and seeing who is laying... How do I figure out who is who? Can I take pics of them and poast 40 some pics and have you guys guess?

I have 4-5 buffs that I absolutely love but I have yet to every see one in a next box....
Have you checked out their saddle feathers?? Any with longish, pointy feathers at the base of their tail(where the tail meets the back) are roosters, if that helps any. I take it these are younger chickens?
Looks like i will be taking some pics tomorrow.... I swear i wont take 40 of them :)

I have no idea how old these bird are. They were a "rescued flock" that I working on getting feathered up and fat so eventually they can go in the freezer. But some of the roosters I would like to take out now to give the girls a break.

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