chickens dying off one by one,

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Jul 14, 2016
I had 8 and one by one they're dying off.
I wondered if it was sour crop?
They take about 3-4 days to die.
start getting weak, funny neck movements and opening beak like they've something stuck in the throat.
the last one, same but also attacked by the others.
Could it be poisoning? - my neighbour has complained about the chickens and since then they started dying.
What do you think?

thank you
Do their crops feel mushy and full? Or hard like a baseball or doughy/moldable? Best to check first thing in morning before they eat or drink.
Also have they been wormed? Are you able to post a video?
I surely hope your neighbour wouldn't hurt them!
Hi thanks for answering.
Another died yesterday- 5 left now.
All chicks crops fairly non existent except one- it's full and firm but not solid. 2 w ago hers was very full and fluidly, wobbly.
None wormed.
From same farmer. First time they're sick. Had them all about 3/4 years
Hopefully not neighbour- just guessing but they made strong threats.
Well if it was sour crop they would feel very squishy and swollen so rule that out. The one who's crop was full was that before access to food this morning? I don't really know what to suggest. Are they eating at all? Sneezing/wheezing? The neck movements could be gape worm or I believe worm over-load in general. Search gape worm on YouTube to watch what it looks like and let us know. I know it's quite rare but not impossible.
the second one that died looked like flu, yes sneezing and finally fell over, loads of waterish fluid poured from its eyes/mouth.
Maybe I need to worm them?? I'm going to try diatomaceous earth:
Yes the one with the inflated crop, moves like this:
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