chickens dying without any reasons??? :.(

Chick Lady

5 Years
Apr 8, 2014
When coming home from a 2 week vacation, I find out that 1 of my chickens passed away. My daughter thought it looked like she had been pecked to death. I thought how strange, she was the littlest one, but it's been over a year and a half, so why would they pick on her now..???? The very next day, another one of my chickens passed. My daughter found her in the laying station. She was sitting on an egg with her neck hanging over the entrance.

I got home today, went to check one my chickens. I see that there is only 4 eggs, and I have 14 chickens, I can give the decline to molting, but then I noticed my chicken, Momma, she was just sitting there, while all the others were getting worms and rice to eat. Just not like them. They com a running when we lay worms and rice down. Momma is just sitting on top of one of the laying stations. She just doesn't look right. I'm afraid I'll have another dead chicken in the morning.

Can anyone please help me with an answer on why my chickens are dying???? It has been raining for a whole week her in Houston for the last week (not sure if that matters). Any help would be grateful!! Oh, my daughter and I also noticed that to the touch, 5 of my chickens felt hotter than the others. Can I expect 5 more to die?

Thank you for your help.

Very sad and don't want any more to go......



9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
If you don't see anything that makes it look like something respiratory, I would treat for cocci. A round of Corid might help. Rain and higher temps seem to make it worse. Also check for mites/lice.

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