Chickens eat fish?


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Jun 4, 2009
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Ok, I live right on a canal next to the Gulf and we've caught a few fish, lots of minnows but we never know what to do with them...I don't really like fish and my wife thinks they're too cute to eat. So we just throw them back in, or throw it in our crab trap.

Would it be good for the chickens if I throw a fish in with them? Will they eat it? Do I have to worry about the bones and all of that? Or what about dead crabs?
yup..mine love it..we feed it to them raw right out of the river..(not sure if were supposed to though). We take off the head and gut them first. And the ducks go even crazier for it..
mine do. Still alive. they really like 'cat'fish.
Yes yes yes they will eat fish. We run catfish nets and after we clean the fish we toss a few to the hens and they go nuts.
You can also give them your crab and crawfish shells too. The shells give the yolks a nice rich color.
We had a crawfish boil a few weeks ago. I should have given them the shells. With all the cayenne, it would have been a de-wormer as well!
I'll remember that for next year.

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