Chickens Eating Eggs (HELP)

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    Oct 9, 2014
    Hi there! My chickens are eating their eggs so much that we had to buy eggs yesterday and we haven't had to do that for over a year!!!!!! I just tried blowing an egg and putting mustard in it, but they gladly ate it!!!! I would really appreciate anyone's suggestions in the comments. THANK YOU!!![​IMG]

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    Apr 22, 2015
    Your best bet is to find out which birds are egg eaters and get rid of them before the whole flock is eating egg (hopefully not all are egg eaters). The last time I had this problem I sat an egg down on the coop floor and watched. It did not take long before the culprit came forward and tried to break the egg with its beak. A number came forward, but only one tried to break the egg. She is locked in a pen of her own. We kept her as she is my wife's pet.
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    Make sure that there's not a diet or crowding problem, and then ID the primary culprit (s) and get them out of your flock. If there's a protein deficiency, or weak shells, fix that. Weak shelled eggs crack easily, and then everyone will eat them. Finding birds that actively break the eggshells is the key. It's also possible to invest in roll-away nest boxes. Mary
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    Every time I've had chickens eating eggs it was always my older hens (3 year old or turning 3 years old soon). Their production had dropped or would soon be dropping so I got rid of them and no more eggs getting eaten any more. Filling eggs with mustard or ceramic eggs or giving more protein never worked for me.
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