Chickens Eating Eggs ?


9 Years
Dec 18, 2010
Mountain Top, PA (NEPA)
We have six chickens (3 Buff Orp's and 3 Black Australorps)
They were hatched March 15th.
We finally started getting eggs about a week ago . . . . and have gotten 4 eggs in the last 6 days.

I'm starting to wonder if the chickens are eating their own eggs.

I told the kids the next time they find an egg - to leave it in the coop.
If it's missing later then we will know they are eating them.
We could also just watch them at that point . . . these birds aren't shy about anything . . . if they're eating eggs they will do it right in front of us.

On a related note . . . the birds don't like the nestingbox and prefer to lay their eggs on the floor.
Which could be part of the problem.

Any ideas on either of these topics ?

Thank you,

Kevin and Kids
Maybe since they are just starting out, they are skipping a few days here and there...that would be my first thought if I understood your post correctly.

Next, if they did lay an egg that disappeared
It could be the chickens, or it could be a different predator. -- A snake could cause the disappearance of eggs, for example----

Eggs or golf balls in the nest box, may give your chickens the idea that they should put eggs in the nest box and not on the floor.

Good luck with solving your mystery.
I have six chickens of 4 different breeds who were born mid-March, and they are just starting out too. I only get 1-2 eggs per day (of varying colors, so I THINK 2-3 hens are laying), so I am just waiting patiently for them to get up to speed!

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