Chickens eating styrofoam...

Karen Glatz

6 Years
Jun 28, 2017
I just went out to put the chickens in their coop and they had found a sheet of styrofoam and it appear to have eaten quite a lot of it. It was all over and I had to actually shoo them away while I cleaned it up, they wanted to eat more.

I hope I won't find 10 dead chickens in the coop tomorrow morning.

Has anyone else had this happen - did they survive? Is there anything I can do tonight to help them?
Yes, I put a styro cooler outside and the cats and chickens both went nuts on it. The cats used it as a scratching post and the hens pecked it and ate it. Nobody died. I did put it away, but mostly so I could use it, more than that I was worried about anybody. If they did not eat huge quantities they will probably be okay.
They will probably pass it no problem. You provide a source of poultry grit for them (crushed granite) correct?

Chickens love love styrofoam, not sure why. Mine have eaten a small amount before and I didn't have any problems. If there is any more around that they can get into, I would remove it or block access.
I would check everyone in the morning before they eat/drink to see that their crops are empty.
Yes, most of us with chickens have discovered them eating styrofoam, silicone caulk, and one time I had a hen snatch a bandaid off the back of my leg and swallow it. It appears they can do this with no ill effects.

However, do keep a watchful eye out for any chicken behaving "off", slowing down, not wanting to eat but wanting to drink copious amounts of water. This could indicate a clogged digestive system. If that happens, give a teaspoon of oil and massage the crop.

But I don't think you'll see any ill effects from this ill advised culinary impetuosity.
They are free-ish range and are always pecking at dirt and pebbles, not to mention the oyster shell in their food dish. The sheet was pretty beat up and there was lots of little balls everywhere. It looks like they ate quite a bit and wanted more. I cleaned it up as well as I could and trashed the sheet and a bunch of dirt, since that was the quickest way to get the little stuff up. I'll check them in the morning.

If their crops are not empty, in the morning, I'll try oil and see what I can do.

I'm so glad you guys are here!

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