Chicken's eye has built up fluid in one eye and distened tummy.

should I put her down

  • See if she get better even though she might be suffereing

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Apr 2, 2016
I thought that my chicken had puss in her eye, but it is actually an accumulation of fluid. She also has a distended abdomen. It seems like there is fluid built up in her. what could this be? She has not eaten anything this morning. I have her in a cage in the laundry room. is it better to keep here that or let her more around outside?

Is this the same hen that you posted about in another thread 5 days ago? You may have 2 different problems going on. A watery swollen eye can be due to MG, a respiratory disease that affects the sinus and eye. Is she sneezing, having crackly breathing, gasping, or having nasal drainage? Can you try to get some Terramycin eye ointment from your feed store? Tylosin (tylan) powder can be ordered online from pigeon supply stores. days.

Is her lower belly enlarged, and spongy or tight. The swelling in her belly may be from ascites which can be common in some hens with a reproductive disorder, from liver disease, or heart failure.
She does not have and cold symptoms. I took the doctor and he said pretty much the same thing in terms of organ issues, but he gave her a shot of antibiotics. It has been a few days and her eye only seems to be getting worse. should it be getting better or will it get better if I drain her?
I don’t think the swollen eye would have anything to do with the possible fluid in her belly, so it would not improve. Did the vet just give the antibiotic once, and none were sent home? If the eye problem is caused by mycoplasma, she should probably be treated with Tylan, oxytetracycline, or Denagard.
Yes, he just gave her a shot and said get back to me in a week. I will get some Tylan tomorrow. as far as the fluid goes, I will have to do another quick exam and compare o another chicken to see where it is. I called and asked the vet if the swelling was firm or mushy like water, but I haven't heard back. how long do I have left? She is not eating much. I worried.
Look around for Tylan 50 or 200 injectable for cattle. Those can be given orally to chickens.mTylan has become hard to find recently. It is also a bit hard to find online, especially from pigeon medicines companies in the type added to drinking water. You can also check with your vet.

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