Chickens flying into Coop Window?

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My Coop
Are my chickens extra dumb or is this common? My White Leghorn pullets (12 weeks old) try to fly out through the window of the coop. I kept hearing this BAM! sound yesterday while I was outside. turns out to be the two pullets flying one by one into the window of the coop. They did not injure themselves or the window....but I didn't expect them to do that. Depending on where they were jumping from, it was at least a 2-3 foot jump so they were hitting it pretty hard.

Anyone else having this problem? I haven't seen them do it to the mesh windows (which doesn't mean they aren't doing it more quietly or when I am gone).
Mine seemed to do it once when they where introduced to the coop.
But like your windows on your house and wild birds flying into it. You can put a decal of a bat on the window. Which lets them see a shadow and know it is thier.
Or Paint one on with tempra paint.
Chickens do not comprehend Glass, They can see nothing so assume their is nothing. and try to get outside.
But my window is really really dirty, ha ha ha ha. It is old and dirty and in need of a good cleaning and recaulking. It is one of those with the wood framing for squares, so I did not expect them to try to fly through it.....


I may try hanging something up in front of it for a few days. Maybe if I made a shelf so they could stand up in front it, they would get the "picture" that it is not a door for them to go through.

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