We are raising our own chickens and goats for
better health.
One day I woke up and was not in good health.
I had done all the right things,...I thought.
But I wasn’t healthy. I feared I would die.

Since I have been so vocal about this, many women between the ages of mid forties and up to their 70’s have come up to me and told me their story. They too had done all the right things, eaten healthy, no smoking, not drinking alcohol at all, going to bed at a decent hour, not partying, good work ethics, church on Sundays, going to exercise classes, garden work. House work. And doing volunteer work But they too woke up one morning with an illness. With Doctors telling me how bad it was... I decided not to give in. It has been a struggle for me and my family.

The women that want to talk to me about it, also tell of their health struggles. So I decided to get myself busy taking care of me and my family bc the USDA wasn’t. I don’t know exactly when our government turned their backs on the American Food Industry but I know it has been going on for years and years. So, Raising Chickens of our own was our start. Fresh eggs, our chickens are not pumped full of chemicals and they get to free range and I mean really free range. Healthier chickens-healthier us?

Then we added goats for the milk. The milk would go for consumption, cheese & soap. Ever wonder what goes in commercial soap? Yeah me too, agh!

it looks like our next additions will be Turkey for the meat. Wondering and doing research on the best turkey to raise for the meat.

The Garden:
I started looking into what would be the best tomatoes to grow, the best Swiss chard, the best potatoes. That is correct, grow your own potatoes. Do you really want to know what is used in that dirt? I do! so we are growing most of our own veggies and fruits. Want to get to the point we are growing all our own fruits and veggies.

I found myself steering clear of produce stands. Why? Because I wasn’t being given clear answers on fertilizers and pesticides. I think the hardest thing to give up are the fizzy pop sodas and Twinkies. Oh yes, not to me tionworry what other damage was done to my system by processed food stuff that has not reared its head,...yet.

We can not count on our government to make sure our food is free and clear of harmful chemicals. We must be proactive and yes if that means grow your own foods then so be it.

Now let’s all think about Bio Diversity.

To good health.

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