Chickens for sale in Western Massachusetts 17 Weeks old.


11 Years
Sep 20, 2008
We have Chickens for sale that are 17 weeks old. These are a mixed collection of brown egg layers and should start laying in a couple of weeks. they are free range and in good shape.
$12/chicken Granby Massachusetts
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What breeds do you have? We would be interested in one or two for our backyard.
yes, I would also be interested in some depends on what breeds you have.

We think we have some of the following. We purchased these from McMurray Hatchery their brown egg special. This is what chickens from their list we Think we have. Some of the breeds look very much like each other so we may be mistaken on which of the ones we have but this is a best as I can tell.

Black Australorps; Lt. Brahmas; Dark Cornish; Black and White Giants; Buff Orpingtons; New Hampshire, Rhode Island Reds, White and Buff Rocks;Delaware, Turkens; Columbian Wyandottes, Red Star and Black Star.
Dang - there was somebody just the other day in spfld trying to find chickens. Could you maybe search for her? Don't you love the idea of more chickens in urban springfield?
Just found em - person in springfield, I mean. the name was 'bipebbles'. Call me silly, but I work in downtown Spfld right now and I just like the idea of chickens in spfld. PM'd them with your name, busybody that I am.

We have at least 5 of each kind. We do have a couple other kinds. If you are interested email me and we can set up a time for you to come look. I will try to post some pictures soon

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