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    Aug 26, 2009
    I have a new coop (YAY me [​IMG]) it's only about 8x8 and the roosts run the length of the whole back wall. There are three rows of roosts and all my guineas and larger hens roost very well but.... my silkies are too small to get up there right now so they tend to huddle in the far right corner of the coop under the roost. Of course this means they get pooped on all night and it's driving me CRAZY! What can I do to keep them out of the corner and underneath the roost? Should I have a smaller roost for them or should I use some sort of ladder so they can get up off the floor?
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    My Silkies do not roost. Maybe you could start putting them in another corner. You may have to do this for awhile, but maybe they'll start using the new corner.

    You can try putting a lower roost.
  3. A lot of silkie owners have posted about this. As Cammie says, lower roost or also a 'huddle box' so they don't suffer the indignity of manure showers...
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    Maybe one of those leaning, stepped type of roosts against a different wall???? They are usally low. My 3 week old standards are starting to use mine now. I'll remove it when they're older...
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    How about a dropping s board under the roosts so they dont get pooped on! Do the search for that topic.

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