Chickens in Buckeye AZ (Maricopa County) & Advice :)


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Jun 8, 2022
Hello, everyone!

I'm currently looking at properties in Buckeye AZ - an acre or more. Am I reading this correctly when I do my research on zoning/ordinances? "There are no Maricopa county ordinances that allow or disallow you to keep poultry". That was from a post back in 2013. I'm having a heck of a time finding a solid answer when it comes to back yard chickens. I also read that "you can keep chickens until someone complains of the noise". That made me chuckle.

I'd love to start raising egg layers once I move! Nothing too crazy. Maybe 8 or so. Is that a good number of chickens to have? More or less? When I was little, growing up out on the east coast, my folks had chickens and I would love to have my little ones experience raising some as well. Any advice or tips you have, please send them my way! Do you suggest building a coop from scratch or purchasing one? If you suggest purchasing one, where should I look?

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