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  1. kelsonchicken

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    Feb 19, 2016
    For the last 5 months 2 of my chickens have been sleeping in the trees. I have 2 pullets that have slept in the coop since they hatched and have stayed there, and I just added another older pullet to the flock today and she has gone straight to the trees this evening too. Is it ok for them to be there? I live in New Zealand so we don't have any predators. Should I just let them stay in the trees? Should I put the new pullet in w the others in the coop so that she forms that habit? Thoughts?

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    I keep any new chickens for 2 nights in the coop, before letting them out with the flock. That way, they know where "home" is.
  3. Rookiechookie

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    Feb 25, 2016
    I would normally either cut there wings so they can't get up in the trees or I would just lock them in there coop for 2-3 days so they know we're they have to sleep.
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    I'd teach them where home is first, then let them choose where to sleep. You may have to retrieve them from the trees when you know a storm will be coming through during the night. Or catch them at roosting time (usually right before the dusk) and herd them into the coop before stormy nights.

    My mom has short oak trees that she can reach up and retrieve the chickens when she knows there's going to be a storm or its going to be very cold overnight. We just grab them after dark and carry them in our arms to the coop. When it's dark, they can't see. They won't try to return to the trees.

    If you don't want them getting in the trees at all, close the coop door after herding them inside until they get the idea that this is where they are supposed to sleep.

    If you don't have enough places for all the chickens to roost, or if a couple of "low-on-the-pecking-order" chickens keep getting kicked off, they may be getting in the trees to avoid being hassled. Provide more roosting spaces.

    Hope that helps!

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