Chickens in Trees


To Finish Is To Win
11 Years
Jun 8, 2008
NE Michigan
My barred rocks keep insisting on sleeping in the branches of the cedars in their run. As much as I trim back the branches, they still seem to reach them now matter how high they are. And yes, their wings are clipped.

No help from this quarter. I have Tree Chickens, too. Not all of the flock, just a few who apparently didn't read the manual where it says "chickens are ground dwelling birds." What is better about that tree in the middle of the night than the nice, safe, coop with all your compatriots on ROOSTS.
When I first got my BR's..they were trying to roost in trees. For 3 nights I had to use the hose to spray the tree....they learned quickly that it always RAINS in the tree at night!
I have an OEG roo who insist on sleeping in a lower hanging branch in the tree. I clipped his wing and he does a really good hop and flaps those wings like his life depends on it and he makes it every time. I tried the water hose...he likes the rain.

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