Chickens need homes due to a fall and broken leg I have.


11 Years
Jul 8, 2010
Due to a fall, broken leg, and having to be in rehabilitation home for the next three months, I would very much like to find a home or homes for these chickens.

I will sell all of them for $50. Or split them into breeds. I will not split up the groups, such as the houdan nor cochin bantams: they must remain as a group.

A trio of bantam porcine cochins. I was told their coloring is porcelain when I purchased them. They are marked like wyandott on their wings and body, are are very pretty pastel color. One roo and two hens. All this year's hatch.

A trio of mottled houdan. Roo and two hens. About a year old.

One 6 month old white top black polish bantam. Don't know sex of it.

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