chickens not acting right


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
I Have 8 hens and one rooster that free range All I was getting 5 eggs a day then starting about 6 months ago I rarely get any. Thought it what is molting but has lasted too long. still have feathers everywhere and chickens not laying. I tried to keep then pinned up with no scraps but nothing changed. then one got swollen in chest. I read that her crop blocked I turned her upside down and she threw it up but now comb is laying down and purple.....still eating. Others have bare bottoms and are pink but combs are red and they eat. Now rooster wont crow or try to mate. He even fights them when I give scraps. i fear mites or lice but wanted some help since everything has been perfect til 6 months ago.
When they go to roost pick them up and look for lice or mites under their vents. Some mites only come out after dark and hide in cracks in the coop. Lice move fast, mites slow. Dust with sevin dust if they have them,clean out the coop, and repeat the dust in 10 days. Worm them with Valbazen or Safegard Liquid Goat Wormer which will get more than just roundworm like some wormers. Feed them at least 16% protein layer food or flock raiser. Here is a good link for mite/lice egg pictures:

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