Chickens Not Allowed, Going to Anyway.


7 Years
May 8, 2012
Currently I live in a city where I can not have chickens. The law does not list specifically that it does not allow chickens. However, I have called the planning and zoning people and they said that they do not allow it. Would people here recommend against having them anyway even if I have a family member who is willing to take them if we have to get rid of them? If I do get them anyone have any experience or advice on how to "disguise" them the best way possible?

The city states that I can have household pets (listed below) but they state that chickens are not household pets and are considered livestock. However due to the vagueness of their definition I believe chickens meet this definition.
Household Pets: Small animals which are customarily kept as household pets or which
are generally trainable and readily adaptable to urban residences. Household pets may include
small domestic animals as well as other nontraditional pets and exotic animals.
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I live in Salem Oregon, check on line for the story of our towns two year fight to keep chickens.

It took two years for the city to allow three hens, A few months ago the law was changed to allow five. The down side it that there is a FIFTY DOLLAR fee, which means that many people who could really benefit can't afford the permit.

Before chickens were allowed my neighbors kept theirs under a trampoline.
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Great information here. I would be willing to pay a fee, but I do understand where it would affect some people. To me I view it as a compromise with the city. No trampoline, and I started to build a 6'5" coop before I knew this information. I live in Glendale, AZ I know there was a large movement back in 2009. I e-mail that person they have since moved out of state. Anyone live in Glendale, AZ that has any experience with chickens and the Glendale ordinance?
I'm in Chandler, AZ and am also not allowed to have chickens. I would like to try and change the law, but not sure where to start.
Anyone else around here on the forums from these parts. Going to need to get a group together if we want to do anything.
How close are your neighbors? I'd think you are preparing to get your heart broke by having to give them away.

At the top of this forum there are three sticky threads about working toward community changes with a ton of really good ideas.

Fortunate you recently had a movement to change the law, put up notices Everywhere for people to contact you about keeping a few backyard chickens for nutritious eggs and bug control. Some of those people should come out of the woodwork and you can start the process again without reinventing the wheel. Then get your chicks next year...thinking positive you'll move the law to your side.
Well neighbors are close, its your typical residential neighborhood. Good idea on posting signs I think I will do that. I am sure that the feed stores would be more than willing to let me put something up as it would mean more business for them.
I'm in Chandler, AZ and am also not allowed to have chickens. I would like to try and change the law, but not sure where to start.
Actually you can have chickens in Chandler, AZ. Not that I would be doing just that of course.
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Get some Serama. They are kept as household pets in Thailand/Malaysia and nobody in their right mind could mistake them for a production bird, this gives you a leg up if you want to argue their pet status. If someone gets upset, they are small enough you could keep them in a rabbit hutch or a large bird cage in the garage (or inside if you are brave), depending on how many you want. Not sure if I would be a "lawbreaker", could you just purchase the chickens and let your friend house them while you retain visitation rights? If you DID decide to be an outlaw, I would check the feelings of your closest neighbors, as they would most likely be the ones to file a complaint.

But . . . . if you spend energy to change the law, you will not only benefit yourself by making chickens legal, you will help many others and educate your town on how wonderful chickens can be :)
In our town we aren't allowed to have chickens (yep I'm a lawbreaker) but, you can have pot-bellied pigs! I need to find out who thought that one up!

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