chickens not crowing too young or hens??


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8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
We have eight week old chickens and no one is crowing. They make regular chicken sounds but no one is crowing. Is it too early or is it possible we hatched all hens?? At what age do they crow we have different ages.
My 9wk old Java's haven't yet said anything other than 'cheep'!
I'm waiting for a full out 'bwok'! Or even a 'cluck'...nope....just little 'cheeps'.
However, there are no older chickens to 'teach' these. So perhaps it's a little bit longer?
Mine just turned 9 weeks and not a crow either. Just normal chick sounds so far. I'm hoping for ONE crow and 6 hens.
My Brahma boys didn't find their voices until they were about 24 weeks of age and then sounded like a tractor trying to start up.....don't worry, it will come . You may wish it hadn't.

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