Chickens not eating "crumbs" are they being picky?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Chicks4MyFamily, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    I feed my hens a layer crumble but the brand that I bought this month seems to have more "crumbs" than usual and they are refusing to eat it the crumbs. It is fresh, non-moldy etc...are they just being picky? They eat the crumble until they get to the portion that is more finely ground. Do I leave it in their feeder until they eat it. I really don't want to waste the feed and don't want them to get into the habit of thinking they have a choice
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    Mine do the same thing. About once a week I don't refill it until they clean it up. I don't want it to get damp and moldy. If mine are faced with the choice of eating or going hungry, they eat. Interestingly, some people post that their chickens prefer the powder to the chunks. There is nothing consistent with chickens.

    I don't do it, but some people in your situation mix the powder with water, milk or buttermilk, or yugurt to make a paste. They say their chickens will eat that. Somebody recently posted that they put the powder in a different feeder. The chickens think it is a special treat and eat it then. Me, I just use hunger as a motivaion.
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    The last bag of crumbles I got had a lot of fines in it. The big EE girls I have wont touch powder. The 8 week olds and my silkies eat it up. So I've been mixing the pellets with the crumbles in the feeder to use it up. Everyone has a choice that way but they all happily eat pellets now. So I wont buy more when this is gone.
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    I have read on this forum before a use for the crumbs left behind. I mix up the crumbs with some oatmeal, water, and an egg with the shell finely crushed then cook in the microwave. I then refridgerate it then scoop out some here and there as a treat. They LOVE it! [​IMG] And there is no waste and a healthy snack is made.
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    Cut up fruits or veggies and toss in a bowl with the dust to coat them and serve them a wholesome treat.

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