chickens not getting along


10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
:(Hi Guys- We are fairly new to the world of chickens(we have raised almost everything else)
Having trouble with our chickens socializing(for lack of a better word)
we have 8 barreds
4 wyandotts 3 americanas 2 reds-
the barreds are about 1 month older than the rest
we just moved them to their coop outside
we raised them in our basement from 2-3 days old
and they were in different brooders
the barreds are very aggressive and are chasing the others away from food and water
there is some pecking going on but I haven't seen any blood drawn
we have 4 roos in this group of 17
any suggestions
all help is greatly appreciated:cd
First off, welcome to BYC.
Are you planning on keeping all those roos? Once those boys start to mature chances are there will be big time fights. 17 - 4 = 13 pullets correct? One roo is enough to take care of that many girls.
My rule of thumb about the pecking order is if they're not drawing blood, let them work it out. However, I also strongly believe in having two feeders and waterers in case bullies try to keep the lower ranking members from the food or water.
I had some barred rocks last year and found them to be more aggressive than the others too. Even as chicks they were more "plucky". I eventually culled them.

Also, 4 roosters is likely too many with the ratio to hens you've got. For fertile eggs, 2 would be more appropriate, with less competition and fighting. However, to some degree they will establish a pecking order eventually and fight less viciously, if you are wanting to keep them all (they sure are nice to look at anyway).

Something also to help the low-on-the-totem-pole chickens would be to set out an extra feeder and waterer or two, so everybody gets fed. I also keep a few extra nest boxes for the shy hens to go retreat if they want, and also two roost poles so they have options. If you have a safe enough situation in which you can let them free range some during the day, I find that keeps mine busy and content.

You may want to cull a few (starting with a couple roosters) if you find them just driving you crazy with all the fighting. I got tired of hearing mine bang against the sides of their coop.
Thanks for the info
we are not planing on keping all those roos
didn't know we had that many at first
we will try the extra feeders

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