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    Sometimes I will let the chicken free range during the day and they will go in at night. in the last month a few times I got home later and wasn't able to make sure were all inside coop but locked it up only to find 1 to 3 chickens still out side. They must have been hiding under the deck where they like to go. Is there away to stop this? Is there a reason why they might not go in at night with the rest of the chickens? Also the chicken should start laying soon should I stop free range until they start laying eggs and using the roost box? I'm worried they will lay eggs under the deck where we cannot get to them. The desk os to big to block off.
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    Younger chickens are less likely to return to the roost at night. Especially if they are still sleeping on the ground, rather than roosting. I have a large mixed flock, and someone is always sleeping somewhere they shouldn't.

    You may want to keep them inside until you are sure they are all roosting, and just check under the deck before you lockup after free ranging.

    You can encourage them to lay in the nest boxes with golfballs, and by keeping them locked up until they are used to using the nesting boxes.
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    There are a few factors that may be influencing the wayward chickens. They may be lower on the pecking order and some bully hens may be making it difficult for them to roost at night. Or maybe the coop is pretty hot at night and some prefer the cool temp under the deck. Or maybe they are still young and confused.

    You could try putting something under the deck that might spook them. They only things I can think of off hand are a fake owl (but I don't know if that would be all the spooky under a deck). Or you could try putting up a tarp temporarily. My chickens sound the alarm call when I am just carrying a tarp around the yard. The think that big thing flapping around in the wind over their heads is super scary (but maybe that is just my chickens.)
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