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    I bought about 200 chickens from a guy that had 1500 chickens same kind and everything. I own a chicken farm and sells fresh farm eggs and chickens. Well, my 200 chickens were born January 21 so i bought them back in June thinking they would start laying soon but it's September now and I haven't seen any eggs out of them. I feed them 16% layer pellets and give them fresh water each day does anyone know why they are not laying? or does anyone know what I can do to make them lay? any ideas or advice?
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    What breed are they, for starters? Owning a chicken farm I'm sure you know that different breeds have different maturing ages, which causes them to start laying later or earlier. I have Leghorns born from Feb that aren't laying yet, but I imagine will be soon; people told me they'd start laying around 4-6 months old, they'll be 7 on the 20th I believe. A lot of factors play into egg laying; birds overall health, temperature, stress, lack of privacy/inadequate nesting area, severe weather (cool and rainy one day, hot and sunny the next, it happens, at least here)..

    There is a lot that plays an effect. The best you can do is provide good feed, shelter, room, nesting, water, etc.. And wait. If a breed that doesn't lay in the winter, then light them if you want the eggs this year.

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    Something's wrong with this scenario. Chicks were hatched in January? Where are you located? What layer strain are they? Surely, they are production birds.

    Finally, are they held in a pen or barn or do they have free access to pastures, woods and other kinds of nest hiding places?

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