Chickens not laying


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Oct 22, 2007
I have about 20 chickens that are not laying. They are about 8 months old and none of them have ever layed an egg. What is going on? I've never had a chicken that didn't lay.
Could you give us a little more history on your girls?
Did you raise them or buy them from someone else?
What are you feeding at this time?
Things like that will help us to give you some ides. Okay?

Maybe this will help. My Grandsons Easter Eggers were about 8 month old this time last year and as soon as Fall came and brought cooler weather they started laying and have not stopped!
I hope this is true because my 8 month old Coppers and BLRW have not laid an egg yet. LOL
Good Luck
I hatched them myself and I have a roosting house. I have some RIR and some Orrpingtons. I feed them layer feed.
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