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    My 3 girls (an EE, Delaware, and some mixed breed hen) are all not laying. They were laying like champs up until October when my EE dropped all her feathers almost at once. Then went the mixed breed who molted and stopped laying in October and now my Delaware is dropping feathers too. I haven't had 1 egg out of the coop in almost 2 months. Is this normal for molting birds? I don't understand whats going on. they aren't hiding eggs somewhere or anything like that I've left them locked up for days to see if that was an issue too. They are otherwise healthy and happy although I'm kinda getting mad that I've been without eggs for 2 months.
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    Quite normal. I assume from the post that they hatched early in 2013.

    Feathers (90+% protein) and eggs (a big lump of protein) can't be made at the same time. It is also a time for regeneration of the reproductive tract.
    It also coincides with the time of year when days are shortest. It will be the same every year but the winter break will be longer each year.
    They'll lay again after winter solstice.

    Commercial egg farms get constant production by starting new flocks every couple months and after a flock has laid for 18 months, they become soup.

    About the only thing I would do now is switch from layer feed to a higher protein grower/starter feed. They also shouldn't be getting the 4% calcium that is in layer feed while not building shells as that can damage the kidneys.
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