Chickens offering moral support??


Poultry In Motion
10 Years
Sep 16, 2009
Dover, TN
I have two layers who as far as I know were raised together (recently adopted them both). One of the girls started laying and the other one stood watch over her. Literally. She stood next to her and if anyone came too close she climbed in the nesting box and put herself between the one laying and the offending visitor. She stood by her "sister" every day doing this up until today. Today they BOTH started laying at the same time and wedged themself into one nesting box rather than separating. Is this normal chicken behavior?
And people wonder why all of us "crazy chicken people" find our little fuzzy butts so facinating. That is really cute! Could all of you who have hens that do this please share what breed(s) they are? I'm curious if it's random or if there is a breed that is more likely to bond closely to a flock mate.
It's normal - my two Light Brahma hens try to do that all the time, but one of them ends up getting back out of the nesting box and waiting for the other one to finish laying her egg, then she jumps in, rolls her friends egg very gently up under her and after a while she lays one and sits on them both.

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