Chickens Pecking At Each Other And Making Noise.

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    Oct 24, 2011
    I have had four hens for about 3 years now in my backyard in the city. They have been very well behaved and very productive. However, about 6 months ago I started to notice that three of them started to loose some feathers, but it wasn't really that bad just a few tail feathers. Then about 2 months ago enough feathers were getting plucked that I could start seeing skin. So I am assuming it is the other chicken who is doing it because his feathers are fine so my first question is, is there a way to stop this? My second question involves noise. They have always been quiet enough except for the occasional loud outburst. However, in the last couple months they won't shut up and are starting to get a little annoying. They are out in the garden and I read out there and cannot concentrate when they are squawking. They have been fine for three years but all of a sudden they have been really loud. What can be done and why did they start making noise? Thanks

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    Not sure if I can help, but here are a few questions and comments...

    So, I'm assuming since you've had them for 3 years that you have been through a molt with them and this is not a molt? You're not seeing feathers all over the ground?

    Have you actually seen any pecking going on?

    Have you checked them for lice or mites? Some lice will chew up the feathers and end up leaving bald patches.

    Not sure about the noise... Is it an alarm sound? Could there be predators about? Has anything changed in their environment?

    Edited to add: If they are doing some feather eating, it possibly could be for want of more protein as there is protein in feathers. Not saying that is it, but perhaps adding some more protein to see if it makes a difference? It will help in the regrowth of feathers anyway...
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