Chickens, Quails, Turkeys- mixed hatch

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  1. I got lucky with my settings, in that my 3 different kindsa eggs are all scheduled to hatch on the same day- tomoro.
    I have a few chicken eggs, a dozen valley quail eggs, and some wild turkey eggs.

    The chicken eggs have already started zipping as of now, and I can see the quails getting ready.
    The turkeys are a big "hope-so".

    I guess I need to go clean out the brooder again, I just got the coturnix out of it and outside.
    I think Im addicted to hatching eggs.
  2. Lol, nobody cares, but Imma tell everybody anyways . . .

    The chickens are all out and in the brooder.
    Tomoro is the official day, and still have good strong movement in the turkey and quail eggs.
    Yes, I candled them during lockdown . . . they are not cracked yet.

    I hope I wake up to some nice baby gamebirds in the morning!

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    I care :) I want pictures, and I want to know how things go with the different sized babies growing at different rates!! I forsee amazing success, or horrible tiny birds being squished... [​IMG] hopefully success
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    How many chickens??
  5. Valley quail are out!
    11/12 hatched within about 10 minutes, roughly 6 hours ago.

    They are even tinier than my coturnix were, and about 100x more excitable.

    I put them in their own brooder with a life-size/life-like plush dog toy of a valley quail, and it has settled them mildly.

    Oh, there were 4 chickens, all mixed polish.
    I need to go buy a new charger for my camera battery, I broke the other and havent been able to take pics or vids.
    Trust me, if I could I would.
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    What kind of incubator did you use & what temperature did you use for all 3? I'm incubating turkeys, chickens, & ducks all in the same bator (LG still air) & have no idea what temp to put them at...too bad your camara is broke! I'd love to see pics of the quail, I just think they're the cutest chicks ever & the spunky ones are the best (=

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