Chickens refuse to go in coop, now what?

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    Apr 2, 2012
    ok so i have 3 5 month old cockerls and a little pullet who have their own little "baby coop" till they get a little bigger and can run with the big birds, well they started off fine with it they would go in every evening round 5 I'd go out there round 5:30 and lock em up for the night and they'd be fine. but one night our mini potbellied pig decided he wanted to sleep with them and climbed in the coop before the babies and i guess when they went to go to bed that night they scared each other and the pig run over 2 of them (but they were fine) but now no one will go in the coop so we got rid of the pig to put their little minds at ease but still every night they try to sleep on top of the coop. well now i'm in the process of makeing a new coop and i was wondering if ya'll think they will do this with the new one and if so how to get them to trust coops again
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    Lock them in there for a few days to remind them that the coop is home. Hope this helps.

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