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Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
I have 10 juevnile chickens about 8 weeks old living in my man room. Man room was originally designed for fish but presently has been serving as a late season brooder. Man room is in lower floor of house at end of large pantry that opens up into kitchen. Presently the juveniles are actually running about on the floor and come out into kitchen to explore when I re-arm their feeder and waterer. Generally they have food all of time but lately they tend to run out of water because they are knocking the waterer over. When I get ready to re-supply them the door is opened and birds come out into kitchen and even dining area (wife really likes this-sarcasm) and go to dog food bowls to poke around. Dogs like that too (more sarcasm). The chickens talk to each other about the dog food but once new water is put down in manroom and somebody finds it, then finder makes a tidbitting call and the entire lot rushes back into the manroom for water. It is amazing how quickly they learned their way around house. I think the tidbitting call for water is different from that for food.

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