Chickens seeing snow (for the first time!)


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Jul 1, 2012
Spokane Valley, WA
Today it finally snowed and my family always wondered how our hens would react to it. We came out there to let them out, but they were so scared they were crying! I never thought they would cry over snow! I felt bad and laughed at the same time!
I don't blame them though, if I was a little bird that came here living with a heat lamp, then moving on to warm nights and days, then snow......I would be crying too!
So then, my mom was going over to the compost and Rosie our RIR came running over to her, but she brought her legs way up, trying not to touch the snow!
We're going to do little tidbits of snowtime so the girls will get used to it, just like we did when they came out of their coop for the first time (You can't rush animals!
) Now I'm wondering how D.J. our polish rooster is doing at his farm???

I also wanted to ask you, what was it like for YOUR chickens when they saw snow for the first time?
My chickens hopped as well. They refused to come out unless they saw a bit of grass. One girl would fly where she was going and land and scream and then fly again. :rolleyes:
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