chickens seem annoyed/Overly vocal advice please


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
So for the last week my chickens seem to be super annoyed/grumpy with something or other. They are real loud and its not like regular pok pok talk its more like loud long gawking. I have monitored the coop (which is inside the barn) and run to see if there are any intruders and nothing. I have inspected the inside of the coop and its all fine. clean, fresh, plenty of food and water, they go outside everyday at 7 am and back inside at 7pm. they have a heat lamp for the night cause its getting quite chilly out this way (calling for snow over night/tomorrow morning and freezing rain). Now except for maybe 4 or 5 the rest are doing this. the only thing different in the coop is that they started laying last week on the 23rd. this morning I got 5 eggs, so I will presume 5 are laying which is oddly the same amount of chickens who are acting just fine. Could they be grumpy because they are coming into the process of laying? I am kinda worried, and I will say this I have inspected the chickens, no bugs of any sort, no ill effects, crops /eyes/vents, beaks look excellent, they are big birds and the feathers all look great. I have 21 red stars if you are wondering, and for 21 chickens I have 11 nesting boxes.
it not bad after 10 or 11 in the morning but at night its been going down to 0 C. tonight it will be -2C. and no they are not molting. but I can imagine sooner or later that is going to happen.
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