Chickens sleeping in coop or run?!

Laura szarkowicz

Jun 12, 2017
does anyone let their chickens sleep in the run or do you keep them in the coop at night? Also, any easy ways to train them to go into the coop at night if needed? Thanks!
Are they young?

If you want them to sleep on the roost/ in the coop, in my experience, at a young age, if you go out just after dark and physically relocate them to where you want them, they learn pretty quickly. ALSO in my experience, if you don't they may not, ever. I have one group that refuses to sleep in the enclosed coop and sleeps in the open in the (enclosed, secure) run. So it's worth doing. You'll need to commit to going out to relocate several nights, up to a week. If you have a headlamp with a red light it will help (they can be found easily at Lowes).

- Ant Farm
They are about 2 1/2 months.. there is six of them.. our main concern is we have woods behind us and it is not unusual to see a coyote, deer or raccoons.. we recently just had a snapping turtle attack one of our ducks, posted in another thread..
when we built the coop we did dig down about 3-5 inches and added the wires and filled with rocks for extra security in case anything did try to dig into the coop.. it's currently their second night in the coop and we do go outside and have to place them inside the coop one by one, of course they want to stay outside.
That's young. I would physically relocate them all to where you want them to sleep once it's dark enough for them to stay where you put them (about an hour after sunset or so). Do it every night. They will learn (some faster than others).
We haven't had a tree problem yet but when they are out loose in the backyard they wil make you look like a fool trying to catch them!
Currently now, four will put themselves in the coop and the other two want to stay on their perch in the run.. they are hard to put away.

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