Chickens Successfully Defend Coop From Fox!!


10 Years
May 3, 2009
Elizabethtown, KY

Chickens Kill Fox, Dog Friends Cheetah

Normally when a fox gets into a hen house it means the end of many chickens. But the birds in one British chicken coop apparently fought back. Michelle Cordell said she found a dead fox inside her coop when she went to collect eggs one morning. She believes the chickens pecked it to death. Her daughter thinks so too.

"They are really, like, cocky and they attack people," said Ruby Howell, daughter. "They have nearly attacked me before, but I just ran away."

Across the Atlantic in Oregon, officials at Winston Wildlife Safari found a baby cheetah abandoned by its mother. Workers took Sanura the cheetah and introduced her to a dog named Ellie. And they quickly became close as sisters.

"It's a very popular question of why we have a dog with a cheetah out there," said Dan Brands, wildlife curator. "It's a common practice that a lot of institutions across the United States are doing right now in an effort to tell this very conservation story."

The curators said it's common to pair animals together if one is abandoned.,0,1255703.story
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