Chickens talking before falling aspleep. What are they saying?


May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
If someone would develop a white noise machine that played the chickens bedtime sounds & a cat purring I'd buy one for myself & I'd give one as my signature gift for all occasions.
RelaxMeditation is a pretty nice app. They definitely have the purring cat and I’m sure you could request the chickens especially if you provide a recording. Or just do it yourself :)


Apr 29, 2017
🤣 that's my girls. Im sure they are saying "get your butt out of my face, stop stepping on my foot, scoot over and quit crowding me" we have TWO 6 foot roosting bars for 10 pullets and they all cram to the one side of them using approximately 6 feet total when they have an entire 6 feet more if they would just spread out
Oh my it must be “built in” .....the instinct that is babies do the same thing ........and oooh the chit chat at bedtime is beautiful . Morning as well , I always sneak up & just listen to them before I say “ hi girls “ and they are READY to get out !!!


Apr 18, 2020
When mine were younger, Britney Jane would always get lost when I'd turn off the lights in the room where they lived. All the rest were bunched together and Britney Jane would be downstairs crying "Where are you all? Don't leave me!" I knew her song by heart because I'd hear it and come running with a flashlight or my phone to help her find her way "upstairs" to where the flock was. Every. Single. Night. As annoying as it was every night, I miss those peeps now that they all have such big girl voices.


Mar 9, 2020
There's something that give me a sense of peace and serenity. It's listening my girls talking softly to each other before falling asleep, safe and sound in the coop. I've always wondered what they say, which sensations they feel at the end of the day...
Does anybody have any idea or even a romantic idea?
I also enjoy that quiet talking they do. I also love the contented, happy sounds they make as they all feed together. It just gives me a sense of peace and happiness.
Apr 10, 2019
Isn’t it just soothing and beautiful❤ I call it singing. At night, it’s lullabies. I say that because I didn’t know a hen would sing during the day, until I heard mine. I’ll tell you quickly because it’s such a beautiful story. Here goes: the first hen I ever got went broody, sitting on infertile eggs. Good friend gave me guinea eggs. Success! 6 months later, while I was cleaning the pen around 10 in the morning, and all the birds had gone out to free range, I heard singing coming from the coop, and I thought: what the heck?! It’s 10 in the morning! I peeked inside the door and there, lying in the corner, was one of the chicken-hatched guineas. Beside her was her chicken mom, singing away. It never occurred to me that the baby was sick because it was such beautiful singing! It was so intimate and loving that I didn’t want to intrude, and gave them their space and privacy. There was obviously some parental love being given. The birds finally went outside and when I opened the coop door to clean, there was my guinea’s first egg! Her chicken mom had somehow known what was going on and had comforted her and instructed her through her first egg-laying experience. Now, you tell me chickens don’t love! And guineas, too! Mother Nature just gives me these gifts every once in a while. Ain’t I blessed🐣❤

Ron in Sebring

Aug 24, 2020
Sebring Fl
Now see...this is why I like it here...I’m not so crazy after all then. (My wife thinks I’m nuts with the chickens lol)

I have a wireless camera with 2-way sound in my coop and I like listening to the girls just before they go to sleep once in a while and I’ve even said goodnight to them a few times when I’ve checked in and they answer back excitedly and then go back to their “cooing” before they go to sleep. I find it very relaxing to listen to. My chickies sleep huddled up on each other in 2 separate groups and I just think they’re comforting each other by telling the others that they’re right there with them.


Aug 27, 2020
Bergen County, NJ
My three 8-week-olds insist on climbing on me for hugs and pets before bedtime, then they march up into the coop, peeping contentedly. Once inside, they argue loudly, which is funny because they always sleep in the same configuration! Once the arguments are over, contented peeping can be heard, gradually drifting off into a quiet sleep. . .

The routine is nice for us all, I think.


Jun 28, 2014
Ha! I've had some flocks that whispered little chicken sounds at night. But this current flock sounds like a saloon fight is going on in the coop. Squawking and banging around. I'll go out there and snap my fingers at them. They'll stop and sit there quietly until I leave. They see me come back and they stop again.

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