Chickens talking before falling aspleep. What are they saying?

Ron in Sebring

Aug 24, 2020
Sebring Fl
Right with you Brother. Everyone wife in-laws my kids all think I"m nuts with my chicken love. But I am well and truly smitten and sitting out at the coop (I built a porch I can sit on) and listen to them as they go to sleep trilling if they have had a good day. Frumpy Grumpy if they didn't kenough out time or the weather kept them in. I have two of my oldest a silkie Roo Chewie and a mixed sex link hen who has a gimpy leg that are always together and they chit chat and give each other little affectionate pecks. Wife thinks I"m nuts for wanting a camera with sound IN the coop not just out to watch for boogers. So yeah I get you. I came to terms with my illness years ago and now proudly pronounce my chicken obsessive disorder.
Exactly! Love the chickies and let the other people laugh! Get that cam fun to watch them when they think they’re all alone lol...


Jun 22, 2020
New York
We were outside chatting with our daughter and her husband while the chickens were putting themselves to bed. At one point I heard "Squawk" *thump" -- somebody had been pushed off the roost.

This is my coop too! "Bok bok bok bok", *panicked flapping*, *thump*, indignant "bok bok"
there's room on the roosts, but for some reason they like to jump on top of each other :idunno

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