Chickens thrownig up

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Jul 8, 2009
Manchester tn
I am a beginer in raising game chickens i got a pretty good sized flock but the part month or so i noticed a few of my pullets throwing up a clear liquid but now alot more of my birds are doing it now is it a sickness or what thanks
More than likely, they are. Good preventive... Put birds into dog kennels with newspapers for bedding, dose with Oxytetracycline - either injectable (1/2 ml per 5 pounds body weight) or by water (1 Tbs. powder to pint of water per day). Keep isolated x 5 days. While they are isolated, clean coop with bleach and water. Be thorough! Walls, floors, perches, windows, ceilings, floors, wire, etc. ANY surface can hold aerosolized particles. After cleaned - do again the next day! After this spray all surfaces with a good, all purpose disinfectant. I like Melaleuca's products (Soluguard) as it kills everything after 10 minutes, and it is all natural.

Hope this helps.

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