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  1. Oakie75

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    Jun 22, 2010
    I have two coops right now. One is a 12x12 and the other is a 6X6. I have an acre and a half that I let my chickens free range on so they are only in the coop at night. How many hens do you think I shouldbe able to accomodate with my two coops?

  2. tjweaver84

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    By my math using the 4sq ft rule per bird in the coop you have 180 sq ft so enough room for 45.
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    Remember that for coops, it's 4 sq ft per chicken of FLOOR SPACE. If you've got nest boxes or feeders or waterers or anything else in the coop, those items reduce the available floor space. And some folks think a "coop" includes attached pen space. The coop is JUST the building that houses the chickens, not any attached, covered, wire enclosed pen.

    (This is for those newbies that happen upon this thread, not the OP.)
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    Yes, and depending on how the climate/weather is in the winter, you might want more floor space per bird. I wouldn't keep more than 20 birds in a 12x12. Even that might be a bit tight in the winter around here, unless they were allowed some outside space.
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