Chickens vs. Winter (what to do when it gets REALLY cold)

Y N dottes

7 Years
Sep 1, 2012
South Central WI
Alright, so I had a few questions about what I should do with winter coming....
I live in Wisconsin where it can get really cold (imo) with negative temps at night sometimes, and possibly during the day...brrrr
I know that chickens do pretty well in cold weather and sometimes i think i should let it be, but, what about this cold??
I was wondering if there was anyone out there who live in the same climate as i do and what they do to keep their chickens warm when winter comes....
The coop is pretty much draft free, though there may be a few weak spots. I already know that it gets below freezing in there at night when the temp was in the low 20s a few nights back.The only thing warming the coop was the chickens themselves.
All advice and ideas are welcome....
i live a couple hours north of you (Fox Cities) long as they aren't drafty, I think they are okay. My small coop last winter stayed around 20-30 inside, and even in those way below zero temps, the chickens would stay outside during the day. This year, I have a bigger shed/coop, so I'm a bit nervous that they aren't as cozy. I do have a light that turns on about 4:30am-7 for some extra light, and a heated dog dish waterer that I'm hoping might add a little heat to take the edge off. I also have about twice as much bedding as I usually do.

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