Chickens with feathered feet


10 Years
Mar 10, 2013
Indiana USA
Hello. I have 2 light brahama hens and am concerned about the upcoming winter. I have heard that since they have feathers on their feet, that the snow compacts there and causes their feet/toes to become frostbitten. I know that I can protect my roo's comb with Vaseline but am hesitant to put that on the girls' feet because I do not want them to slip around. Is there anything I can do to protect their little feet? I am concerned in general about the chicks feet being cold. I guess they're ok but sometimes their toes are very cold. So how do you keep your chicks feet warm and protected, especially those with feathers? Thanks! :D
the feathers on their feet help keep them warm but i dont let my in the snow. if u keep wide perches for them, 2 by 4 turned sideways when they roost they will squat and cover their own feet when they are too cold. when it is bitter cold out i give them a heat lamp to huddle under about 2 feet off the floor depending on their size
All of my feather footed breeds have loved scratching around in the snow/mud/dirt/whatever. They've never had an issue, I treat them just like any other chicken. Where there'd be a problem would be if your run/coop was always wet/muddy, but that would cause problems for any chicken, feathered feet or not. Good luck :)

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