Chickens with Vet Wrap-Other questions!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ThePolishPrincess, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Can chickens with Vet Wrap on stay outside without it coming off?

    I have 3 or 4 chickens with Bumblefoot that are all in line for treatment and ICU room. I also have 2 that are in quarantine for different reasons. My Sultan has been getting bullied again, dunno by who. Today I found her foot bloodied and worse than ever, so she's limping. Obviously, she's being kept away from the masses. I'm going to clean it and free-range her until it is healed, because there's no room for her inside. I need to get Vet Wrap for my bumblefoot birds anyway and she'll be getting some too, to keep her feet safe when she goes back with the others. Will it stay on when she's outside? I know it's sticky, but will it still work?

    This is a vicious cycle. Thanks in advance.
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    I've used vet wrap on a chicken's foot before, and it stayed on very well. I cut it in thin strips and wrapped it around the foot and in between toes. I always tried to end at the "ankle", but it didn't always work out that way. It does start out sticky, but kind of hardens into a cast, almost. I would put the chicken right back outside with her vet wrap cast, and didn't have any problems with it coming off. In fact, it was hard to get off when I wanted to change it. Easiest just to cut it off with little scissors.
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    I used plastic bandaids under the vet wrap to keep the wound as clean and dry as possible. Make sure to pull the wrap between her toes and around her ankle a couple of times but not too tight. They may get sopping wet but usually would stay on my hens. Good idea to change it when it's too soiled. Good luck!
  4. dawg53

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    That was my problem with vet wrap, getting wet and I didnt want that to happen. I started using duct tape, easy to cut when first putting it on just like vet wrap. But you need a sharp pair of scissors when removing it.
  5. LesGan

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    I use vetwrap with great success on bumblefoot and the hen goes outside with the others. On Youtube there is a video of how to make a vetwrap bandage....just do a search for chicken foot bandage. Basically use a square of vetwrap about 3-4 inches, cut a small slit on one side of square and on opposite side cut 3 slits. Lay the square on the bottom of the foot with back toe in the one slit and pinch the ends together around the one toe, spread the center of vetwrap across the pad of foot, place center slit of the 3 at the center toe, wrap tabs around to top of foot and pinch together, wrap each of other two tabs around side toes and pinch together on top of foot and then wrap side pieces around to top and pinch together. I use small strip to wrap around ankle to secure all. Do Not Wrap Too Tight!! It encases the whole foot except for the toes and she still has use of them for walking and roosting. To make a waterproof bandage I cut a circle from a pantyliner and stick that on the inside of the vetwrap square before I begin the wrapping. You can use any type of padding between the foot and vetwrap if needed.....gauze pads, foam, etc. It works great and my hen is not traumatized by not being with her flock. Good luck.
  6. ThePolishPrincess

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    Thanks everyone. She looks like a bloody mess today but she's free-ranging and safe from those vultures.

    A few more questions if anyone can help? How much Vet Wrap should I get for Miss Featherless Foot plus 3-4 chickens with bumblefoot? In other words, how quickly will I go through it? What size to get? I'm a newb at this.

    ALSO, what colors are safer to not attract pecking? I know red is out, and I think I heard that they like to peck at the color blue.

    You've all been very helpful. [​IMG] Thanks again.
  7. LesGan

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    Mar 24, 2008
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    I buy the vetwrap in the rolls about 3 or 4 inches wide from Tractor Supply That way you can actually cut a square of it. I use the black or ivory and no one has ever picked at the bandages. I prefer the ivory so I can tell how soiled the bandage is. I buy several rolls of vetwrap at one time so I always have on hand. If you take the length of vetwrap roll and divide it by 4 inches or so you can tell how many pieces you will get....then 1 piece per foot per chicken and you will have a rough idea of need. Good luck.
  8. DianeS

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    Feb 28, 2010
    I keep Vet Wrap around for my own first aid needs. In my opinion you can't have too much of it! I recommend you find a sale and stock up.

    I use it for sprained ankles, to hold gauze in place over an injury, around a band-aid to increase the water resistance of it, and even to hold a sleeve or pant leg closed so dirt doesn't get up it and into a scrape. It's great anywhere you have hair, because it doesn't stick to hair like a regular bandage does. It's great to use instead of an Ace bandage, because it's so much thinner you can still wear your normal sock or shoe over it. It can be cut into odd shapes like around a knuckle without reducing the stretchiness. And so on.

    They do sell it in brown. If you can find that, that's what I'd use for a chicken to avoid the pecking. Or white or yellow, and let them run in the dirt first to take the shine off and it will come pretty close to matching their normal leg color.
  9. ThePolishPrincess

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    Thank you for the quick and well described responses. [​IMG]
  10. FlipFlopFarmer

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    Vet Wrap as described earlier, is wonderful for a variety of things and is always in my supply box. also, when it comes to cleanser, i use chlorhexadine cleanser. it usually comes in concentrate and is a light blue color. it is not as caustic as alcohol, or peroxide, and i buy it from the feed store. i then let a wound dry and use antibiotic ointment or that yellow furazone ointment found at feed stores and then a gauze layer then the vet wrap. for my horses hooves, i put duct tape on the bottom to keep the vet wrap on all day

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