Chickens Won’t Leave Roost


Mar 14, 2020
Seattle, Washington
It is 1:30 PM and my birds haven’t left the roost. I needed to get into their henhouse to clean the pine shavings so I took them all out, except one keeps going back up to roost. I checked for mites and there were none. what do I do?

Attached are pictures of in between the feathers of the one that keeps going back to roost.

They’re not laying in the nesting box. I wouldn’t think that they’re broody.

They’re Barnevelders and about a year old now.


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-I meant not laying the nesting box as they’re not sitting inside of there. They do infact lay eggs regularly in their nesting box. They’re only staying on the roost.

Attached is a picture of her feathers zoomed out. I don’t think they’re molting and wouldn’t think that this would keep her on the roost.


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Ok...i know that mine can be very very wary when there's been foxes and things around the cage at night.
I'm sorry I can't really help you though.

I suppose it's a bit like humans staying in bed 😉
That could be it.
Do you have a secure run or do they free range?
Free range, my neighbor also has free range birds and only about 8 of them are outside compared to the normal 20. Thing is the eagles were flying around morning of yesterday, there hasn’t been any today.

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